Thursday, June 23, 2005

Lance's Kindergarten Graduation

see the faint orb on the column beside the fish?

Lance's kindergarten graduation ceremony had a Hawaiian theme, with a luau after for parents and guests. The picture above was taken before the opening number, where Lance and his classmates danced the hula to the tune of "Pearly Shells". If you'll look closely, there is a faint but fairly large orb on the column beside the fish, visible against the netting.

Next, their Principal gave a little speech to welcome the parents to the ceremony. This time, the orbs weren't shy. I caught a lot of them on camera in this shot.

How many orbs do you see against the sky?

Finally Lance's teacher, Mrs. Ortega, took the stage. You can see that the orb in the first photo left its original perch on the column, but it was replaced by other orbs, visible on the upper part of this next picture. I counted at least four.

Can you see any more?

more unmistakeable orbs
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Micke Grove Zoo, Lodi, CA

touching the baby goats
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This picture was taken during Lance's kindergarten class field trip to Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi. Notice how tho orb subtly superimposed itself right on Lance's head, just like it did to Troy during Lance's field trip to the Pumpkin Patch last October?

Upon closer examination, my husband discovered another orb, slightly bigger than the first one, located between the goat's extended leash and the girl's pants.