Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Opening presents at home

the orbs are very distinct in the background now

We had just gotten home after our Disneyland holiday, and my boys were eager to open their Christmas presents. I took this picture of them cleaning up after. They were busily picking up torn bits of gift wrap, unaware of the many orbs watching them from behind.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tandoori Hut, Anaheim, CA and Oakland Airport

See the orb in the booth behind Lorenzo?
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It was the end of our Christmas vacation, and we were having lunch before taking the long drive back home. Notice the little orb in the booth behind us?

We dropped off our rented minivan at Oakland Airport before picking up our own minivan, Vanna, at long term parking. The kids were excited to ride the rental shuttle and posed for pictures upon disembarking. I caught a large orb at the far right of this shot.

big orb, right side of picture

Monday, December 27, 2004

Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

We captured the orbs above on our last day in Disneyland. The picture was taken during the "Fantasmic" show in the Rivers of America.

But that was nothing compared to the series of family pictures we took at New Orleans Square. It was after midnight, and the park was already closed for the day. A Filipina park worker was nice enough to snap these photos of my family. Notice the presence of an orb, who seemed to be posing with us.

Here it is, on top of my head.

Family pictures, see the orb on top of my head
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And then it posed beside Lorenzo.

Then it posed beside Lorenzo

And finally, it becomes very distinct, as if it was moving towards the camera at fast speed.

And finally, it becomes very distinct, as if moving towards the camera

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Castle Inn Suites, Anaheim, CA

a very distinct orb was posing with us in this picture, taken the day after Christmas

It was the day after Christmas. It was also Auntie Olive's scheduled departure date since she had work the next day. So we posed for a round of pictures before my family left for Disneyland. A large orb joined us for our photo shoot, actually posing between my aunt and me!

Disneyland, Anaheim, CA

there's a small orb posing behind Daddy and Reanna
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Later that day, another orb would show up in our pictures. Look for the small but intense dot behind Daddy and Reanna.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Medieval Times Dinner Theater, Buena Park, CA

Christmas Eve, Medieval Times, a small orb beside Lance, against the red curtain
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We celebrated Christmas in Anaheim, CA last year, on a holiday trip to Disneyland. For our noche buena, we watched the dinner show at Medieval Times in Buena Park.

This picture was taken at the gift shop after the dinner show. An orb can be seen beside Lance, its distinct outline showing against the red curtain in the background

Castle Inn Suites, Anaheim, CA

A very distinct orb in our hotel room, Christmas Eve

It was Christmas Eve. We were back in our hotel room, having just arrived from a filling dinner and show at Medieval Times in nearby Buena Park.

Lorenzo was helping the boys put on their new knight accessories (vest, shield, helmet and sword), while Auntie Olive tidied up.

Yet my family wasn't alone in that room. You can see the addition of a very intense orb, who obviously wanted to join us for the holidays.