Friday, July 29, 2005

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Milpitas, CA

another very distinct orb positions and poses for the camera

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary by checking into the Crowne Plaza Hotel in our old hometown, Milpitas, CA.

At first, we were checked in to Room 612, a standard room with two queen beds. We had requested for a crib prior to arriving, and we took these pictures while waiting for it to be delivered. Notice the presence of orbs posing among us. Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

Unfortunately, the staff failed to inform housekeeping of our request, and the cribs were locked in storage. To make up for the inconvenience, they upgraded us to a corner suite, Room 602.

As you can see, there aren't any orbs in the picture above, taken in our new room. None appeared in the other pictures I shot at the same time as well. However, when we went back to get our other belongings from Room 612, the orbs must have followed us from there because they started showing up in our pictures again upon our return. (Click on thumbnails.)

orb on the window orb on the armrest small orb on table, big orb against window

We ended up getting a crib after all, as they managed to locate one later that evening, so everyone, including Reanna, had a good night's sleep.

We all woke up refreshed the next morning, ready to jump into the pool on the third floor. I caught an orb on the very edge of the picture below. It seemed to be hiding from the camera. I guess it wasn't in the mood to pose for pictures so early in the morning!

I captured some more orbs with my camera before we finally made our way down to the hotel's swimming pool. Notice how they showed up quite distinctly against the dark curtains.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Troy's Fourth Birthday Party

An orb poses between Lance and his classmate Michael

I was expecting to capture more orbs than I actually did today, which only proves that orb-hunting is an unpredictable business. However, the one picture I came up with turned out to be a real beauty. I had Lance and his kindergarten classmate, Michael, pose beside one of the tiki torches in my backyard during Troy's fourth birthday party.

Remarkably, when I was taking this shot, the thought on my mind was "Hmmm...I wonder if I'll be capturing an orb in this picture?"

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Night Swimming

Lorenzo took this picture of us swimming on the eve of Troy's fourth birthday. Upon reviewing his shot, he immediately told me he saw some orbs in it. Sure enough, I saw no less than four orbs when I uploaded this into my computer.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lance's School Parking Lot, Modesto, CA

a faint orb between Lance and Troy
(Click on images to enlarge)

These pictures were taken at the parking lot of Lance's school. We sometimes take the kids to go bike riding there after dark, when there are no more cars around.

If you look closely at the picture above, you'll notice a faint orb between Lance and Troy, just in front of Lance's handlebars.

The orb intensifies to a bright pinpoint of light in the next picture, as if to dispel any doubt about its presence.

A small bright orb above Lance's head

Monday, July 04, 2005

Knights Ferry, CA

A number of small orbs with the covered bridge in the background
(Click on images to enlarge)

We celebrated the Fourth of July with a picnic at Knights Ferry, CA.

Knights Ferry is a historic old town, so it's not surprising that we caught a few orbs on camera while wading in the Stanislaus River, in full view of the famous covered bridge, built to replace an older one in 1864. You can see a sprinkling of small orbs around Lance and Troy in the picture above.

I also caught a big yet faint orb on the upper left side of the picture below.

See the faint orb in the upper left corner?

Later on, the kids and I took pictures by the bridge. You can see three orbs silhouetted against the dark interior, one right by Troy's head, one beside my watch, and a third one floating above Lance.

This shot below was the last one we took that day. Notice the large orb outlined on the upper edge of the picture.

Family picture, Knights Ferry, CA July 4, 2005