Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Micke Grove Zoo, Lodi, CA

touching the baby goats
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This picture was taken during Lance's kindergarten class field trip to Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi. Notice how tho orb subtly superimposed itself right on Lance's head, just like it did to Troy during Lance's field trip to the Pumpkin Patch last October?

Upon closer examination, my husband discovered another orb, slightly bigger than the first one, located between the goat's extended leash and the girl's pants.


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nikki: i think its ur dad kasi he wasn't able to see ur kids na di ba? i'm just curious though if ur kids know abt the orbs...

justice: i mean, positive shivers ha

justice: the "energy light" or something while you were praying for reanna gave me shivers...

Linnor: hmmm...medyo eerie, but if its a loved one, baka mas reassuring than creepy.

nikki: hi! checked out your other pics... yikes talaga!

nikki: wow! honestly, i'm getting goose bumps browsing thru the pics. makes me want to hug my parents right now...

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