Monday, July 04, 2005

Knights Ferry, CA

A number of small orbs with the covered bridge in the background
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We celebrated the Fourth of July with a picnic at Knights Ferry, CA.

Knights Ferry is a historic old town, so it's not surprising that we caught a few orbs on camera while wading in the Stanislaus River, in full view of the famous covered bridge, built to replace an older one in 1864. You can see a sprinkling of small orbs around Lance and Troy in the picture above.

I also caught a big yet faint orb on the upper left side of the picture below.

See the faint orb in the upper left corner?

Later on, the kids and I took pictures by the bridge. You can see three orbs silhouetted against the dark interior, one right by Troy's head, one beside my watch, and a third one floating above Lance.

This shot below was the last one we took that day. Notice the large orb outlined on the upper edge of the picture.

Family picture, Knights Ferry, CA July 4, 2005


Blogger nikki said...

hi po!

i thought i was getting good in spotting the orbs... didn't notice them when i looked at ur pics in your prada mama chronicles.

5:18 AM  

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