Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween 2004, Ceres, CA

Halloween 2004, note the orb beside Lance
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I didn't take many pictures while trick-or-treating last Halloween. It was too difficult to compose my shots in pitch darkness, and mistakes like the ones below just added to the frustration.

I did, however, capture some orbs in these shots I took in my brother-in-law's street in Ceres, CA. Notice the orb to the right of Lance's head in the picture above?

There is a bigger but fainter orb to the left and slightly above this man's head as he bends to give my little boys their treats.

there's a faint orb to the left and slightly above the man's head

And finally, I wouldn't have posted this next picture if it weren't for the three orbs visible against the window. Like I said, it was pitch black out there!

Nice shot of my finger, don't you think?

Three orbs can be seen against the window

Monday, October 18, 2004

Farmer Woody's Pumpkin Patch, Salida, CA

A very distinct orb on Dad's 5th death anniversary
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These pictures were taken during Lance's kindergarten field trip to the Pumpkin Patch. It took place on the day of my Dad's fifth death anniversary, so I was hoping to feel his presence somehow.

Sure enough, I saw the orb above immediately after taking the picture above. It was so distinctly superimposed on Troy's head, there was no way I could miss it on my camera's view screen. Surprisingly however, I missed the next orb, which was just as distinct. I didn't notice it until I uploaded the picture below:

Here it is posing with Lance