Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween 2004, Ceres, CA

Halloween 2004, note the orb beside Lance
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I didn't take many pictures while trick-or-treating last Halloween. It was too difficult to compose my shots in pitch darkness, and mistakes like the ones below just added to the frustration.

I did, however, capture some orbs in these shots I took in my brother-in-law's street in Ceres, CA. Notice the orb to the right of Lance's head in the picture above?

There is a bigger but fainter orb to the left and slightly above this man's head as he bends to give my little boys their treats.

there's a faint orb to the left and slightly above the man's head

And finally, I wouldn't have posted this next picture if it weren't for the three orbs visible against the window. Like I said, it was pitch black out there!

Nice shot of my finger, don't you think?

Three orbs can be seen against the window


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