Saturday, May 14, 2005

Reanna's First Birthday, Hopperz, Modesto, CA

Reanna's birthday party, an orb in the reception area

I had my daughter Reanna's first birthday party at Hopperz, an exclusive indoor playland that caters to private parties only. Considering you had to be invited in order to play there, they certainly had a number of invisible gate-crashers!

Indeed, on that day we were able to capture orbs, not just with my camera, but with my brother-in-law Simon's camera as well. In fact, the orb above was captured in the reception area by Simon's digicam.

Hopperz parties go through three different rooms. These next orbs were caught around the bungee gauntlet in the first room, Hopping Zone 1.

orbs in Hopping Zone 1
(Click on images to enlarge)

We captured even more orbs upon moving to Hopping Zone 2, mostly around the obstacle course, which seemed to be the favored hangout of both living and, well...orb.

Indeed, this picture is just teeming with them!

more orbs in Hopping Zone 2

Our final stop was the VIP Party Pad, where my tired, thirsty and ravenous guests retired. I should've checked the head count. Why? Because my camera caught a couple of gate-crashers mingling with us!

uninvited guests (orbs in the VIP Party Pad after)

I shot a total of twenty-one pictures with orbs in them that day, which made it deserving of its own entry in my Brag Book.

Come take a look!


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