Monday, February 28, 2005

American Legion Hall, Ceres, CA

see the big orb that seems to be playing with Troy in Kindergym?

I enrolled Lance and Troy in Kindergym earlier this year, so they can work out their excess energy safely indoors, away from winter's cold. The program was run by the nearby city of Ceres, and their classes were held at the American Legion Hall.

I really like the shot above, where an orb seems to be playing with Troy. In the picture below, Lance gets some help from Teacher Tenaia, who probably didn't know she had an orb directly beside her ear.

see the orb next to Teacher Tenaia's ear
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The class later moved to the open hall, which was awash with orbs! The kids took turns being lifted in the parachute. Tenaia chose Troy to go in the middle first.

Maybe the orbs were waiting their turn?

Now THIS picture abounds with orbs!

more orbs (on top of Lance's head and against the kid's black shirt)


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