Friday, November 12, 2004

Chuck E. Cheese's, Modesto, CA

orb dancing right by Chuck E.'s ear
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My son, Lance, celebrated his fifth birthday at Chuck E. Cheese's here in Modesto.

Now, my kids LOVE Chuck E. Cheese's, and it seems they're not alone. Indeed, I must've taken about a dozen pictures with orbs in them. My head swims at the sheer number of orbs I captured in this next shot!

Now THIS picture is just awash with orbs!

My favorite of all is this one of Lance and his friends playing air hockey. I would like to think that this orb, which seems to be benevolently looking over my son's shoulder, is his Lolo Joel.

see the orb behind Lance, against the column?

I actually created a special entry in my Brag Book just to accommodate all the pictures I took with orbs in them in Lance's party alone. You can view all twelve of them by clicking here.


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