Monday, September 06, 2004

Lake Elsinore, CA

this picture is awash with orbs!
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These pictures were taken during the 20th High School Reunion of UPIS Batch '84. It was held at the residence of a couple of classmates of ours who had gotten married. I was amazed at the number of orbs visible in this picture. Another picture taken within seconds of this also showed some very distinct orbs floating above us.

The orbs went on to pose with us as individual pictures were being taken. You can clearly see two orbs above my head in this shot:

see the two orbs on top of my head?

After the group photo was taken, we broke down into smaller groups, some planning tomorrow's activity, some just catching up on each other's lives. The orbs seemed very interested in what we had to say.

the orb against the wall is eavesdropping on our plans for tomorrow two distinct orbs, one against Augie's black shirt and the other against the TV that's an orb on top of Gucci's head

My family stayed over that weekend, as guests in my classmates' casita. An orb seems to have stayed along with us. This picture was taken before we left, two days after the party. Notice the orb posing beside the kids?

the orbs were still there, two days later


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