Saturday, July 17, 2004

Galaxy 12, Riverbank, CA

notice the orb by the door
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Troy celebrated his third birthday with a "Spiderman 2" Movie Party at the Galaxy 12 Theaters in Riverbank, CA. The first orb I noticed was the one against the door in the background, which seems to be posing behind Lance. It joined us in a tour of the Projection Room too, distinctly showing up against my husband's black shirt.

and the orb against my husband's black shirt

At the end of the party, we posed for a final picture outside the Party Room, where three indistinct orbs can be seen to the right of my stepson, Chris, in the first picture below.

more orbs beside Chris (right side) an orb in my backyard (leftmost edge) and by Lance's foot (against the couch)

The orb followed us home too. You can see it on the leftmost edge of the middle picture, taken in my backyard as Lance and his friend, Darlena were playing. And when the kids came back in, the orb settled into the couch to join the family, where you can see it distinctly in the last picture, right beside Lance's foot.


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